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8. 12. 2013

Tady je místo, kde si můžete procvičovat svou připravenost porozumět anglickému textu.

This is a place, where you can exercise your readiness to understand an English text.

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Foreword in English

CV in English 



Farní kronika Nebušice 1-20  en For the settlers, residents, parishioners and sympathizers of Nebušice. en The Parish Chronicle describes the history of the community and the parish of Nebushice between 1885 and 1948.
Jan Josef Jiří Pospíšil
Thanks to Lada and Clare, our parish friends, we have some pages of our Parish Chronicle in English. There is a talk about the end of the second World War II air battles over our village (1944 and 1945) close to the international Prague Airport RUZYNĚ, between American and German aircraft and about the arrival of a new regime in Czechoslovakia in 1948. (the pages number 87 till 100)
Sdílet · 20. listopad 2010 v 12:03
87 in English
88 in English

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