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An unusual story (an essay)

One summer at night a wasp stung me. It is not anything unusual, and usually it does not cause a death. That summer it was very hot. Forty degrees Celsius during the day and 25 degrees Celsius during the night. That night I had all windows open. Approximately at 2 o´clock in the morning I woke up because I felt pain under my left knee. A wasp stung me. The place under the knee was swollen where I was stung. A stupid wasp! Or a hornet?! Again I soon fell asleep. After about an hour I woke up again, because the leg was really hurting. The leg from the knee down was purple. I called first aid. After 15 minutes an ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital. In the hospital they put me in an intensive care room. I was half unconscious, but I felt that I was strapped to a bed. In my hands they had put some tubes and electrodes. I had poisoning in my leg. They gave me antibiotics and explained/warned me that my leg might be amputated. I was in the hospital more than a week. I was taken care by one nurse and two doctors. From the nurse I had learned that in this hospital is not a chapel, but there is a chaplain. I asked her to contact the chaplain for me. One doctor checked the healing of my leg. The second doctor almost daily asked me how the injury happened. I told him about the insect stung me below the knee. But he probably did not believed me and told me about the fanatical catholic women who fell from a standing position to the ground on their knees, during their prayer, to intentely injure the knees. He thought that I was a fanatical catholic who intentionally caused the injury. For me this is an unusual story. In the Czech Republic over 10 million people live. And half a million are practicing christians. This means that 95 percent of Czechs are atheists. It is no wonder that the public thinks that catholics are somehow abnormal people. Thank you for your attention.

(my teacher sr.Janet graded it: Very Good)





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