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Prayer for Christian Unity in the Order of Saint Lazarus

Lord Jesus,

on the eve of your death You did for us begging
that all your disciples be one,
like you in your Father, and your Father in You.

Grant us to painfully felt our non-unity as infidelity.

Grant us to honestly acknowledge and bravely cast off our apathy,
mutual mistrust and hostility.

Give us that we are all, without exception, met in Thee,
to not only out of our mouths, but also from our hearts soared
Thy prayer for the unity of Christians.

For such unity as You want it,
and those resources as You want.

Give us inside You that You're the perfect love,
found a path that leads to the unity
in your Love and your Truth.



(máte-li lepší překlad do angličtiny, prosím napište mi)

(English speaking, please advice text corrections)



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