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Awesome! Soma Christou virtual choir

Awesome experience to listen the Greek Orthodox virtual choir!!! In USA by 90 singers!

Must see!

Soma Christou virtual choir video premiere!

about scvc

Popularized by composer Eric Whitacre, a virtual choir is a unique online choral experience. Via webcam or video camera, singers record their parts individually from their home computers or devices while watching a specially recorded video of Tikey conducting the piece and listening to a background accompaniment. (Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it!) AXIOS engineers will merge many individually recorded voices into a composite a cappella ensemble and create a composite video. The final video will premiere on YouTube at the beginning of Holy Week in April 2014.

With no geographic limits, we hope to connect Greek Orthodox singers throughout the United States and around the world and contribute to the work being done to cultivate our rich music tradition, while offering our gratitude for the invaluable contribution Tikey has made toward our spiritual enrichment. We extend a special welcome to younger singers, with the hope that introducing new modes of music education and appreciation among our youth can help ensure that the incredible arrangements of our early choral pioneers will continue to guide and inspire the next generations of Greek Orthodox faithful.

Panos Filandrinos
Greta Boesel
Producers, AXIOS Music



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