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the Rock and the Pub in Divoka Sarka on 23rd April 2014

Do you like walking in nature, to grimp on rocks and breath a fresh air?

Look, how they practice it people in Prague, in the natural park Divoka Sarka.


A what you can there to see else in Divoka Sarka?

Please see the photo-album, and click here http://juanjoserapido.rajce.idnes.cz/the_Rock_and_the_Pub_in_Divoka_Sarka_on_23rd_April_2014

At the following snaps you can see some rock positions, the Pub, and...

Do you know, I go to the nature to receive 4 vitamins?

They are the vitamins A, E, O and B:

the Adrenalin, the Endophin and the Oxigen Bomb

THE PUB here







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